Redefining Normal

Part 2 of Professional Topics in Dysphagia Management | taught by Emily Plowman

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Course Curriculum

Professional Topics in Dysphagia Management
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Wrapping Up
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What You'll Learn

This module, Redefining Normal, includes a 45-minute lecture that identifies and discusses barriers to clinicians current understanding of normal swallowing physiology and factors leading to misdiagnoses, over referral patterns and inappropriate treatment targets. This course then will provide a 3 hour videofluoroscopy laboratory reviewing normal swallowing physiology in ten healthy young and older adults who are each presented with five bolus types (10ml thin liquids; teaspoon pudding consistency; mixed consistency; a barium pill; and crushed ice). During this laboratory, Dr’s Plowman and Humbert will provide commentary and discuss their observations on each of the 150 presented swallows and overview pertinent physiologic findings and how they relate to normal variations in the swallowing mechanism.

Taught By

Emily Plowman
Emily Plowman

Dr. Emily Plowman is an Associate Professor at the University of Florida where she is jointly appointed in the departments of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Physical Therapy.

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