Critical Thinking in Dysphagia Management

1.55 ASHA CEUs | taught by Ianessa Humbert & Emily Plowman
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Course Curriculum

Wrapping Up
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What You'll Learn

This complete course offers 1.55 ASHA CEUs

Clinicians across multiple healthcare settings manage swallowing disorders. However, formal and informal training on normal and impaired swallowing is lacking and inconsistent across academic and clinical training domains. Critical thinking in dysphagia management is needed to significantly shift clinical practice patterns. The overall goals of this course are to increase the use of objective physiologic metrics, to utilize a clinical decision tree, and to empower clinical care providers with critical talking points to advocate for resources for patients with dysphagia.

Course Objectives

  1. Identify inconsistencies in clinical decision making for traditional and emerging treatment techniques.
  2. Learn how to apply objective metric based measures to establish a diagnostic baseline and treatment gains in dysphagia management.
  3. Derive physiologically based treatments to address several of the most common challenging swallowing pathophysiologies.
  4. Learn to create and use a physiologically guided clinical decision tree to incorporate into your everyday practice.

Taught By

Ianessa Humbert & Emily Plowman
Ianessa Humbert & Emily Plowman

Dr. Ianessa Humbert & Dr. Emily Plowman, associate professors at the University of Florida, combine for over 20 years of leading research focused on swallowing disorders.

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